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Sep. 17th, 2012

You know what's annoying?


I made some onigiri (japanese rice balls) to take to lunch tommorrow... and i left them in a container on the bench... then i went out to meet my room-mate for some dinner at Mad Mex (very nice btw) only to find when we got home that the dogs had somehow gotten the contain off the bench, opened it and had eaten the three onigiri... to say i was mad is an understatement... FUCKING DOGS!!! this isn't the first time it's happened... meaning they've eaten stuff off the bench before... like about a month ago i was making salmon patties... and i was gone for five minutes before i was going to start cooking them... and when i get back, half of the patties had been eaten!!! >:|

I'll just leave these here...

Pics from the photoshoot I did last night in Coburg Cemetery...


Bascially my friend needed someone to photograph for an assignment and she asked me to dress up and me being me I went: "YES I'LL DO IT!!!" and promptly figured out a Victorian-esque look with my trademark kimono... I think it turned out well... >_

I've met someone...

His name's Spyke and he's an alternative musician type... yes... >_<... We'll be going on our first date on Friday... so i'm bouncy over that... we've just be chatting online and over the phone for a couple of weeks but i got sick of our beating around the bush so i asked him out... and he said yes... \(>_<)/... let's hope good things come from this...

This is my Geimyo (Geisha name) written in hiragana... i'm thinking of somehow adding it to my back tat or getting it on my wrist... It's Sumire (Violet)

or there's this way of writing it in Sousho



So yes I turns 30 todaay... well officially it'll be at 8:53pm...

I gots things...

My nan got me:

* Japanese dinner setting
* Kimmidoll
* Three Kimono'd Girls paintings in the kimmidoll style
* A book on Japanese food
* A Sushi making set (with different shaped molds and stuffs)
* A cute little candle holder that you hang on the wall
* $50 that I put towards my sari

My room-mates are getting me something tomorrow... and my friend Nixz is giving me something tomorrow as well since I'm going over her place... Cher has gotten me a pentacle that is made of WIN... but I wont get that until she comes down in September... My Dad, Brother and Sis are also sending their stuff this week... so it'll be exciting... \(n_n)/

This week I should also be getting my Japanese Tea Ceremony tools... and the sari will probably be the week after... maybe... but since that has some stuff being made to go with it we'll see...

Aug. 23rd, 2012

You just made a payment of

¥1,880 JPY

yes i did indeedy....

in other news i also bought myself a sari... and hopefully that will be ariving soon... tho i think the stuff from Japan will get ther first... since i paid for better shipping... and the sari stuff has things being made for me as well... \(n_n)/

Aug. 10th, 2012

oh and also i'm on tumblr alot more than i'm on here now...